A silver lining in the Coronavirus pandemic?

Is there a silver lining in the Coronavirus pandemic? Frank DeSouza, CEO of Illumina, strongly articulated such in an April 2021 interview:

Just as WWI helped accelerate the development of airplanes and WWII nuclear technology, I believe we will look back and view the pandemic as ushering the era of biology and the era of the genome (Frank DeSouza, CEO Illumina, Axios).

Illumina has over 70% share of the global DNA sequencing market (Polen Capital, 2021). Illumina machines were used in initial virus sequencing, global tracking, as well as the on-going analysis of…

and the restructuring of the industry

Huawei Base Station (annual report)

Country after country has been abandoning Huawei 5G due to either the security risks or U.S. technology restrictions. The U.S. restrictions cutoff semiconductors supplies; thus, crippling Huawei’s ability to deliver 5G [1]. Similar technology restrictions nearly toppled ZTE in 2018 [2]. Huawei is currently the largest global communications equipment supplier and largest 5G integrator. The upset affects the industry, technology, and politics. Significant factors include:

Patents: There are 21,571 declared Standard Essential Patent (SEP) on 5G and Huawei holds the highest number at 3,147 (14.5%) and ZTE holds 2,561 (11.9%) [3]. Anyone who implements…

A few business and geopolitical questions as we blast off in 2021

The SpaceX Starlink program is intended to provide global internet services through low-orbiting satellites. That is, an internet service able to reach the world’s population, seven billion people!

As of June 2020, Starlink launched 418 satellites for this program. Initial consumer service is planned for U.S. and Canada in late 2020. Eventually, there may be 12,000 (could go 42,000) of these small satellites, each weighing about 570 pounds and the size of a desk. In early 2019, Amazon (Project Kuiper) filed plans with FCC to launch 3,200 satellites…

— — And the geopolitical and cyber war implications

Several years ago, I took a renewed interest in the semiconductor industry due to 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles (AVs), edge computing, gaming, etc. The U.S. battle with Chinese ZTE and Huawei also caught my attention. How critical is this conflict?

What I learned:

a) Many companies like ZTE, Huawei, AMD, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Apple, etc, design their chips (semiconductors) but use others to fabricate (manufacture) them. The distinction between design and fabrication is important as fabrication complexity increases and sources are limited.

b) The primary chip…

A Get-started [complete] executable example

Do you want a quick executable example of Python web scraping? Here it is. Just cut, paste, and execute.

The following is a snapshot of the website used in this example:

Sample website data

The program (following) scraps the website and prints the NFL football data for turnovers. Hopefully, the comments in the code are sufficient for understanding the process.

The simulation hypothesis, molecular evolution, quantum religion, and more

A few lifeless atoms come together, form chemicals, and, whoa, there’s human life. A person evolves. Emergent properties and noumenon (the unknown) at their best. The average adult human body consist of approximately 7*10**27 atoms (that’s 7 followed by 27 zeros). These atoms (protons, electrons, neutrons) have been around for 13 billion years or more. Nothing physically within us is new. Even our DNA is atoms. When we die, the 7*10**27 atoms are still around. So many questions:

  • Are we just a wave or a ripple (math objects or data) in…

The thoughtful human work that enhances the model

Most machine learning examples assume the features (the variables describing the input to be modeled) are given or easy to determine; however, this may not be the case in the real world. Researching and including features that enhance are essential in emerging and advanced models; such as, those for precision medicine, autonomous vehicles, drones, and 5G / Internet of Things (IoT). The new and the advanced may be the norm as over 31 billion devices are expected to be internet connected by the end of 2020 and over 75 billion by 2025 [1]. …

Lessons learned in predicting NFL football scores and the end-to-end [Agile]process

The football application was chosen as we wanted to win the football pool but also for the learning experience. Similar to the business environment, the focus was on the end-to-end process and [weekly] results. Another advantage of the NFL football application choice is that there is a ton of data and many people can identify with the topic and data. The downside is that games are so unpredictable, many decided within the last seconds. We did learn that cursing the algorithm is as effective as cursing the TV.

My coding buddy and collaborator, David Fai, and I initiated this project…

Raymond Ernst

Consultant, healthcare analytics. Co-founder ai_affinity (gaming-to-industry solutions). Computer Science Industry Board, Missouri University S&T.

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